New Name – Same Great Service!

There’s no time like the present to look at where we all are, and where we’re going next… And that’s exactly why I’m writing this post to you.

We’re rebranding! ….Why?

Since our start in 2004 (soooo long ago!) with just one exciting new service that was making waves in the USA – Clothed, Seated, Corporate Massage – we’ve grown organically to serve your needs.

We’re more than massage, so we’ve outgrown our old brand!

From Mindfulness and Resilience training to Nutrition workshops, fitness and yoga – We deliver the best services using the best people.

For a fitting name, we asked ourselves, how do our services help you, our clients? 

The answer? We BOOST the wellbeing of your people!

Healthy people are…

  • Happier colleagues
  • More motivated and engaged
  • Great ambassadors for your company
  • Significantly more productive

… So it makes perfect business sense!

That’s why we’re now Boost Wellbeing – Why not check out what we do or the benefits to you as the employer and learn how we can help.

We’d love to chat about your needs and challenges, so why not drop me a line.

Healthy Best Wishes – Chris Downes (Director)

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