Energising Upper Body Stretches

Look after yourself and feel great throughout the day with these simple upper body stretches!

Our New Normal Survey showed that people are physically declining whilst working from home…

  • 45% have been more sedentary
  • 35% have had less time to exercise
  • 83% see themselves working from home in the future

Poor posture, repetitive movements and sedentary lifestyle are the cause of musulo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) and most people don’t realise or take action until they’re in pain or signed off work!

Download our Stretch Guide Here

Don’t sit there getting all tense at your desk… Release the pressure by trying our desktop exercise routine!

You’ll love it – Do these quick and effective movements at your desk to improve your circulation, energy and posture to give you a great sense of physical wellbeing.

Simply download, print out and pin up near your workspace to use as a reminder to stretch throughout the day!

Feel free to forward this web page onto any colleagues or friends that you think might appreciate them too.

Looking for Support in your Workplace?

Then check out our On Site Massage service and Body Mechanics course!

Our course has been successfully delivered by qualified Physiotherapists to over 600 attendees in 3 years and counting – Now available via webinar!

We need to support people through this transition to a different way of working. Healthy high performance in a post COVID-19 world will not just happen and sending out links to the EAP is not enough.

We can support you with face to face sessions or remote webinars on exercise, nutrition, sleep, musculo-skeletal health and much more!

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you and your colleagues feel sane, satisfied and supported as the new normal continues to unfold.

Why not take a look at our other services, many of which can be delivered safely either in person or remotely.

Healthy Best Wishes – The Boost Wellbeing Team

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