Massage & Other Wellbeing Perfect for Exhibitions and Events

Have People Flocking to You!

When you are exhibiting and promoting your business at an event it’s vital to do something special to attract potential customers and make them remember you over the competition.

Massage therapist / Masseuse massaging man's head in an office

Whether for a conference, tradeshow, corporate hospitality, or AGM, we help you maximise your presence and make your company stand out from the crowd!

  • Offer something healthy, fresh and exciting
  • Boost your visitor numbers
  • Increase the time visitors spend with you
  • Generate more leads & sales
  • Get people talking about you
  • Create a buzz around your exhibition space
  • Build a positive impression
  • Treat your customers & staff with our wellbeing offering

Our team can build brand awareness for you by wearing your branded clothing and giving out promotional materials or free gifts. We can collect names, business cards and contact details for you to use as leads later on.

We promote your brand in a positive way by presenting a warm, friendly and welcoming face to your visitors.

Tension Busting Back Massage

Our clothed, chair massage gives you the edge by drawing customers to you and spreading your presence by word of mouth across the exhibition space.

As well as attracting potential customers, it also puts them in a more relaxed state of mind, allowing them to be more receptive to your message, products and services.

We’ve seen delegates wait for 20 minutes to receive a complimentary back massage, then return later with their colleagues!

Man having back and neck massage in massage chair

Exhibition real-estate is valuable, so you want to use every inch wisely – Our special massage chairs mean we only need a 1.5 metre square area and can be placed prominently at the front of your stand. We adjust the time we spend with each end-user depending on demand and each therapist can see plenty of people in an hour.

Smoothie Bikes

Our awesome smoothie bikes fitted with a blender that spins as you pedal, creating healthy fruit smoothies in minutes…. If you want your exhibition space to catch people’s attention, this is it!

With a small footprint and very high turnover of users, our bikes easily draw a crowd that you can convert into leads and future clients.

We can provide our expert, insured health specialists from a few hours to any number of days, depending on your needs.

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