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  • Had a great shiatsu massage at work. Very much needed. My therapist was friendly and very knowledgeable, I will be looking into the advice she gave me.

    Claire Holder Avatar Claire Holder

    Absolutely Wonderful Hot Stones were so relaxing Music had me well chilled Chose my time at the end of my work shift, I could do with one of these sessions at the end of every shift So much tension relief Look forward to the next time 👍

    Wendy Draper Avatar Wendy Draper

    Fantastic at-work massage. I felt 6 inches taller after my 15 minute in chair massage. Can't wait for their next visit.

    John Smith Avatar John Smith

    Had reflexology, last week. Was brilliant during a stressful day was nice to have my feet rubbed, and was fascinating what they found from just point on my feet. Would definitely have again.

    charlotte woodhead Avatar charlotte woodhead
  • Had a great neck/shoulder massage at work and it set me up for the afternoon brilliantly. I was much in need of it too. My therapist was friendly and knowledgeable and looked after me well, very happy indeed!

    Shaun Newman Avatar Shaun Newman

    I found it very easy to book on the day and turned up for my first massage. The team are very good - explaining everything and making sure you are comfortable. They listened carefully to my explanation of nerve pain and stiffness and focussed on those areas. The massage itself was very thorough, the massage oils smelled delicious!. It was much more intense and painful than I expected but has really helped to improve my flexibility and range of movement in my neck.

    Jean Robinson Avatar Jean Robinson

    Lovely lady who visits my workplace Very good relaxing massage 💆‍♀️ Really nice 15 minute break from the stresses of work Highly recommended

    Amy Duffield Avatar Amy Duffield

    I have seen Chris a couple times over the past month. He is a lovely guy and really friendly. The massages were great, and felt thorough and effective even for short sessions. He offered some helpful tips after as well for my muscles. Thanks, Chris!

    Rhianna Griffin Avatar Rhianna Griffin
  • Had a lovely deep tissue and hot stone massage. The therapist really targeted my problem area, and made me feel much better.

    Lou White Avatar Lou White

Clothed, Seated, Office Back Massage

Within two weeks of getting to know my new co-workers, a colleague was singing the praises of the 15 minute massage – At first I was skeptical but I’ve become a frequent customer. I find the whole experience not just therapeutic but also relaxing. What a fantastic opportunity to have such a wonderful service at my place of work!

– L. Guest, Nottingham City Council

Great response from everyone, thank you very much, it is for sure something we will try and do more often.

– E. Gale, Thyssenkrupp Elevator UK Ltd

Since I started having visits from the team, I can honestly say I wish I had experienced the benefits of massage earlier. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants relief and healing.

– D. Smith, Nottingham City Council

I just wanted to say that the mini stress massage was fab, and I think you should have them in again sometime.”

– Staff member at Siemens Metering & Communication

Stress Management & Resilience Workshops

I’m getting in touch to thank you for all the stress management workshops you delivered in Rail Automation within the last year, the feedback we received was very good. Our Mental Health Strategy was delivered very successfully throughout our business last year and these workshops helped significantly in helping our employees understand the link between stress and mental health.

– N. Solea, Siemens Mobility Ltd, London/Poole/Chippenham

“I have just read all the feedback sheets from the 5 workshops run here and every sheet has very high praise written on it. I have not seen any sheets with an overall score of less than 4 (with 5 being the best!). Your Business Pschologist did a fabulous job with his calm and collected way of talking – everybody was able to open up and to have fun! Thanks again for this very successful event!

– V. Voight, Siemens Plc, Dublin

“I wanted to drop you a note to say I have had some really good feedback following the Resilience workshop you delivered. It was a great success!

– K. Gilbertson, ThermoFisher Scientific


The mindfulness session delivered was utterly effective – if it managed to get me to calm down and speak slowly and quietly, it will work on anyone! I found my productivity greatly increased upon returning on the floor – Better focus, clearer thought process and greater ability to control conversations.

– A. Shah, Domestic & General

The most interesting was the different types of meditation available with the walkthroughs of each type.”

– C. Dickinson, Siemens Metering and Communication

“I already had a brief understanding of what mindfulness is, but I found the practical meditations and information on how to practice in everyday life really useful. I feel inspired to try every day!

– C. Jones, TDX Group

“I found the overall workshop great because I started off with zero knowledge and came out with an exercise that I could start practising. The trainer was also FANTASTIC!

– S. Thompson, Equifax UK

Sleep and Fatigue

“The feedback we have received so far has been fabulous! The Sleep And Fatigue webinar definitely hit the mark with many people, and all felt that your presenter was well polished and informative.

– S. Simpson, Equifax, UK

Nutrition, Hydration & Healthy Eating

“The feedback was excellent all round – and specifically that Rupert was amazing. We have posted some photos on Linkedin. Looking forward to another session tomorrow.

– J. Thorburn, TDX Group/Equifax

“Many thanks again for your Nutrition webinar today, it was fab and have had so much really great feedback.

– Z. Breadmore, Siemens Plc

“We swapped cake for smoothies in the office as everyone’s on that January health kick. The only catch is that you had to pedal to get one! Huge thanks guys!

– D. Brown, Essendex/Commify

“The challenge was great fun and helped us become more aware of the benefits of being hydrated – it seems to have worked as I now see a lot more people drinking water!

– A. Mitchell, Siemens, Aberdeen

Tai Chi & Reflexology

“Boost Wellbeing/Hands On Health UK were incredibly supportive with a pilot project we ran here. In addition to this, they have worked with Brain Injury clients at our National Annual conference and I have heard first hand from clients who participated how approachable, professional and understanding the team were in relation to the client’s needs and difficulties. I can recommend.

– M. Tansley-Thomas, Headway – The Brain Injury Association

Workplace Wellbeing Days

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your team for making our team building day such a success! Neil was excellent, he really got stuck in with all the games and did a great job with the smoothie bike. Also, the lady who did the massages was excellent and the team really enjoyed them.

– M. McGrath, Siemens Plc, Durham


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